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Originally Posted by That Stepan Guy View Post
If a one year rental isn't worth that much, tell that to Lou. As far as I'm concerned, he's a great general manager, you're not. Your trade is more of an NHL 11 trade than it is a realistic trade. You need to overpay for great players.

And if you think Kreider will be a 90 point player than you overvalue prospect. Kreider may have speed and size, but that doesn't mean he has the skill to be a 90 point, 40 goal scorer.
1 yr rental:
Please note as I said earlier, the current standard with Brad Richards of not overpaying ridiculous demands remains in effect. Lou can ask anything he wants. What he'll get while there is only the 1 yr and UFA thereafter is MINIMUM.

You nominally overpay for great players.
You extensively overpay for special players.
You extremely overpay for elite players.
But the key to all those scenarios is you are sure you actually have them, get them and KEEP them under contract. If that last thing is held back because the player wants the UFA opportunity he's entitled to, the price goes DOWN, big time.

Please kindly admit to this truthful reality. Bend, buckle, and if necessary, break to it, rather than hold to the false illusion that contract length and pending UFA status are unimportant.

As for "As far as I'm concerned, he's a great general manager, you're not."
it is true LL is a great GM, though there's plenty of room for critique. While it's not exactly the same, I can produce an original note by Dave DeBusschere complementary to my suggestions about the knicks, a hand written note on Garden stationery. What have you got?

As to Kreider, while I don't predict he'll
win the Nobel Prize in any category
find the cure for cancer
end famine in our lifetime
or get those 90 points during his very first full year, I am confident he will deliver, deliver big, and, barring injury, get those 90#+ points soon enough.

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