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08-20-2011, 07:02 PM
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Originally Posted by bernmeister View Post
Puckface, I cannot remember the last time you and I agreed on ANYTHING.
Constructive input, including criticism, is welcome. Not ad hominum name calling without valid basis.

Half the fans want Girardi traded for an upgrade, the other half loyally cling to him, or what I consider a difference of opinion as to whether or not guys like Vtank/Erixon/MDZ can fill in the bill if he's traded.
As indicated in this and other threads, there is a good rationale for moving Girardi if you can get something worthwhile for him. You are entitled to be on the half you choose. But don't be dismissive and disrespectful, especially without cause.
Please show where i did any "name calling."

Vtank and Erixon have not even played a game in the NHL.

MDZ is nothing similar in style to Girardi.

So you are essentially replacing someone who is a "veteran" and brings something that the others don't in experience with a question mark.

As for the original proposal, we have a surplus of good, young d-men. You want to trade someone with the offensive potential of Stepan for another d-man. True, Larsson likely will be a stud, but why are we trading away offense that we need more so than defense for someone who is yet again, unproven.

I truly believ eyou don't think before you make your proposals.

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