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Originally Posted by bernmeister View Post
1 yr rental:
Please note as I said earlier, the current standard with Brad Richards of not overpaying ridiculous demands remains in effect. Lou can ask anything he wants. What he'll get while there is only the 1 yr and UFA thereafter is MINIMUM.

You nominally overpay for great players.
You extensively overpay for special players.
You extremely overpay for elite players.
But the key to all those scenarios is you are sure you actually have them, get them and KEEP them under contract. If that last thing is held back because the player wants the UFA opportunity he's entitled to, the price goes DOWN, big time.

Please kindly admit to this truthful reality. Bend, buckle, and if necessary, break to it, rather than hold to the false illusion that contract length and pending UFA status are unimportant.

As for "As far as I'm concerned, he's a great general manager, you're not."
it is true LL is a great GM, though there's plenty of room for critique. While it's not exactly the same, I can produce an original note by Dave DeBusschere complementary to my suggestions about the knicks, a hand written note on Garden stationery. What have you got?

As to Kreider, while I don't predict he'll
win the Nobel Prize in any category
find the cure for cancer
end famine in our lifetime
or get those 90 points during his very first full year, I am confident he will deliver, deliver big, and, barring injury, get those 90#+ points soon enough.
The Devs gave up a nice little pckage for Kovie who had already openly turned down a 100 mil dollar offer. It was the trade deadline.

Parise has the full year and just agreed to a deal meaning he will command even more than Kovie did. Lets not forget he was dealt from a team that was also in complete disarray on an executive level as well. So while teams don't overpay for players in the last year of their contract teams also don't accept undepays which is why the Stars couldn't trade BR who seemed a LOT less likely to resign then parise does. The Devs will require more than Girardi and Boyle. Period, Otherwise they would already have traded with the Rangers who would jump at that proposal. Kreider's utmost potential is 80-90 pts. However there is still also a high likelihood he never becomes muchof anything special.

1 year rental applied to Parise before the season starts is completely different to McCabe or Antropov or even Kovie. The fact that you continue to point to "Recent history of 1 year rentals" shows you just don't think this stuff through. The trade proposal shows you are also prone to fantasy and your response to critics of your fairy tale proposals show you post these not for debate but so you can recieve pats on the back. Still waiting for the response to my questioning of your logic as far as "Boyle potential vs Parise being potentially re-signed".

You have the lumbar region of the backbone of a deal set up with Girardi. Now you need a better pick and either a better player than Boyle or a prospect + Boyle.

Girardi, Boyle, much better pick. Top young guy like Artie, Stepan, MDZ, McD, Erixon. then a prospect. Realistically Boyle would not be a part of this deal unless cap and 50 player limit is in play. The fact you included him shows how badly you overestimate how much his "potential" influences other clubs thinking of him or even how other normal hockey fans think of him.

Originally Posted by bernmeister View Post
"What the hell are you talking about"
You asked about why I make these proposals that you disagree with.
I at least give an explanation, a rationale for the suggestions.
He's implying that your response was nonsensical and your attempt o be funny was potentially funny only because of how much of a fail it was. I did enjoy examining all the things wrong with your proposal nd laughing about your horrible replies and all so in that way at least you succeed in being funny.

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