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Originally Posted by JimmyStart View Post
The Devs gave up a nice little pckage for Kovie who had already openly turned down a 100 mil dollar offer. It was the trade deadline.

Parise has the full year and just agreed to a deal meaning he will command even more than Kovie did. ...
If I understsand you correctly, you are restating that he signed for one year, which makes my point.

Did you somehow otherwise mean to changed the parameters by saying "Parise ... just agreed to a deal ..." though you don't specify terms and significantly, length.

That is a whole different topic worthy of discussion.
We are talking about what I currently understand the situation to actually be:
Parise, 1 year only, then he's UFA.

Parise, let any player, commands based on skill, projected value increse or decrease, intangibles, and length and payout of the contract (also cap hit).

I will respond to your other points after this topic is exhausted.

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