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08-20-2011, 11:25 PM
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The X60 puck feel is fairly lively while the TO is a lot more dead/solid/wood like. Some stick handlers like the lively feel but it can make receiving passes a pain. I will say my main stick is the X60 and I picked up a Dolomite DD and was blown away by how good the puck feel, as good as the old One95 IMO. I just moved it today for a Dolomite Spyne DD (needed a stiffer flex) so we'll see how the feel is.

By the way, lots of sticks on clearance now if you look around. Dolomites are cleared out for the Diablo/Widow sticks and all Vapor sticks should be on clearance for the APX models. I bought a 2011 Dolomite for $85 last week and a 2011 Dolomite Spine today for $125 (saw some for $100 but not the right curve/flex). Vapors were about 20-30% off. Shop around.

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