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08-20-2011, 11:57 PM
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who the heck is this STEVE BUFFERY guy? What moronic kind of writing is this? wow.

I don’t get it. Everyone seems to cower around Leafs GM Brian Burke these days. Sure, he growls and barks and snarls. But so does the dog next door. Then again, the dog next door is closer to winning a Stanley Cup than Burkie is
not even remotely funny or witty or anything... .

he doesn't even know who's on the team
Hey, I’m just kidding. Burkie has the Leafs on the right track. They’ve got two great, young goalies, a solid core on defence and a gifted goal scorer up front. All they need is 11 more quality forwards and the parade is on.
kulemin? grabo? mac? army? connolly? kadri? lupul?

I caught up with Peddie at Maple Leaf Square on Saturday, where MLSEL was throwing a street party in celebration of ... well, I’m not sure what they were celebrating. They haven’t won anything. The cynic in me figures the party was a ruse to sell condos.
OMG this is such bad writing void of any kind of wit or style.. so embarrassing, can't read it any more.

ok. one more.

I guess if Burkie isn’t signing big, dumb animals, he’s hunting them.

This guy has to be one of the worst writers i've ever read. And I mean that honestly.

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