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08-21-2011, 12:56 AM
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I read an article that they're still expecting Eskin to work the Eagles pregame show on WIP. Either way, it's a solid lineup for WIP, it'll be interesting to see how Barkann does handling the audience in a new fashion, plus he'll have to give an opinion now. Usually it's the full blown optimist for him.

As for the morning radio dispute all shows sample from Stern, Preston and Steve even admitted to it on thursday. Will anyone ever be "better" than Stern? To each their own. I was too young to really know wtf was going on with Stern when he was syndicated, and Preston and Steve gave me a taste of home while I was in WV for school. Haven't missed a podcast in 6 years (no...i haven't been in school for all 6)

I'm NOT a fan of MMR's music selection anymore. It's grown old, overplayed, and tiresome. YSP was ok...but the personalities on MMR outweighed the slightly better music selection of YSP. I LOVE 104.5. And everything I've ever heard on 88.5 absolutely sucks. Maybe I'm listening at the wrong times, someone clue me in.

For the most part its iPod/104.5 and then podcasts when I'm relaxing and going to bed.

just my .02 on the numerous discussions going on in here

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