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08-21-2011, 07:13 AM
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Originally Posted by RC51 View Post
Vinny's contract is what stops me from wanting him.
Right now he still produces enough to deserve that pay cheque.
But with 8 more years to go, every year he gets older and it's harder to keep producing 100 points per year. Right now Tampa is getting a good return for the 7.5 mil per cap hit. so watch what happens when Vinny slows down, Tampa will want to dump that cap hit fast. So the question is how many more years at 100 points per?? OH WAIT, he is NOT producing 100 point anymore right now and has not in 5 years.
My God, he is already hurting Tampa at his price and he has 8 more years to go!!!!!! WOW just WOW.
No wonder some Tampa fans want to DUMP him and his contract and ask for an overpayment because of Vinny's Name.

Well good luck with that.
I agree.

While fantasy GMs in HFboards don't care about the money, GMs and owners do. Vinny makes 58.5M during the next 6 years, which makes him the most overpaid player in the league (Redden doesn't count). Only Rangers and Maple leafs can afford to waste so much owners money.

10M per year is insane amount of money for a guy who already has trouble reaching 70 points while playing with some of the most dynamic offensive players in the league. Playing in Martin's system in Montreal, he'd have hard time reaching 60 points. Just imagine what the media and fans would do to him?

When he reaches the point when he is no longer massively overpaid, his cap hit becomes the issue, except for teams trying to reach the cap floor.

And as if all of this wasn't enough, the guy has NMC, which means even the rich teams are unable to bury him in the minors or trade him to a team trying to reach the cap floor. All of this combined makes Lecavaliers contract the worst contract in the NHL. Completely untradable. It's a good thing he has sentimental value for Tampa Bay, because that's all the value he is going to have in few years.

Besides why would he even want to leave Tampa? Florida has no income tax. Not to mention Tampa is one of the better teams in the league, certainly better than Montreal. He has a good chance to win another cup there. And when his career is over, have his number retired.

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