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08-21-2011, 10:10 AM
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Originally Posted by Epictetus View Post
I don't even know what you are talking about with the twitter thing.

Where did I say the Leafs are trading for a quick fix?
If Woodman states Burke is that
Burke is best suited to go GM the Yankee's where his loud mouth media hogging and throwing around prospects for an instant fix would be the norm.
And you say "Exactly", you're agreeing w/ him. If you don't agree w/ him, you might want to make that clear.

I don't know why you are bringing up the moves they are making, when the team solely relies on a few individuals to carry the season and their chances at the playoffs. That's not depth, Burke is working to make those changes, and I do agree his moves have portrayed that but that's not the point -- AA is miles ahead and has been implementing this since day 1, however player movement in baseball is much easier than hockey, which is why it's so stupid to compare these sports and gm's.
So making moves to add a player like Franson, or Liles on D. Or adding Dupuis at center to compete w/ Boyce. Or, Lombardi to compete w/ Bozak for the third line center, this isn't depth? What exactly do you consider depth?

Of course every team has core players they rely on to make the playoffs. Guys like Kessel, Phaneuf, Schenn, Connolly, Grabo, Kulemin and Reimer or going to be extremely important to the process now, and in the future. depth players like Bozak, Lombardi (to some degree is a depth player atm), Armstrong, Boyce, Brown, Liles etc are going to be integral pieces to a playoff run in a depth capacity. Those players also allow youth like Gardiner, Kadri and Colborne a chance to develop w/ the Marlies without having to play in a position they aren't ready for. Remember last year, Beauchemin was essentially a place holder on the team, until Aulie was deemed ready to step in. Burke and the rest of his staff made that judgement call that Aulie was ready, which opened the way for Beauchemin to be traded. This is how it works, and will work in the future.
Originally Posted by Lightsol View Post

So you think we should just fire a bunch of our prospects into various holes in the lineup and hope to God it works?
It's hilarious that people assume that you should just plug rookies in where ever possible. They look at the AHL as some hell hole where good prospects go to die.

Detroit approaches their development system no differently than how the Leafs are doing so now. And Detroit is arguably the organization most teams strive to be like.

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