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08-21-2011, 10:34 AM
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Originally Posted by hotpaws View Post
I guess when Burke said he wasn't interested in a long rebuild and he made trades and signings that he himself said were part of an accelerated rebuild plan i should have just assumed he was lieing?
I've already addressed the fact he over estimated the team he had the year he traded for Kessel. It was a calculated risk, and he lost on that one. That doesn't necessarily mean he lost the trade, that score won't be settled until we see how all the pieces fare for the Bruins. Right now, Kessel is still the best player in that trade, but five years from now that may be a different story.

But Burke never once said the plan for the team wasn't building organizational depth via the draft. He did say he wasn't interested in a traditional rebuild. Acquiring prospects that were further along is not going against a rebuild.

It wasn't just the Kessel trade . When he traded Poni he said he wasn't interested in waiting for picks to develop and thats why he wanted a prospect he thought was near NHL ready.
And what exactly is wrong w/ acquiring prospects that already have their Jr. careers behind them, and are into pro? It was either a 2nd rounder, or Caputi for Poni. Burke takes Caputi. Not every trade for futures needs to be for a player yet to be named (draft picks).

There was no reason to sign Komi or Beau if he really was building for 5 years down the line .
So who was supposed to step in, and play the minutes Beauchemin or Komi play? Komi is a mistake in hindsight, but he hasn't kept anyone from the Marlies off the team. And when Burke had a player ready for a spot (Aulie) he's found a way to move a player, to get them ice time. Ice time will also come because of injuries, which will happen often enough.

Also , if he's going the youth movement why sign JML . Why not give one of our other D prospects a shot while we're waiting for our higher end D prospects to develop .
See above.

I don't understand why some posters feel the need to try to spin and justify Burkes every move . There isn't a GM in any sport that never makes a mistake . Burkes original plan failed and we'll see if his new course leads to better results .
Burke isn't without error, no GM is. But some of you guys act like he's made this team worse than it was. He inherrited this team in shambles, and has been able to turn terrible assets into future core pieces of the team. There's no need to spin anything, his work speaks for itself.

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