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08-21-2011, 11:09 AM
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Originally Posted by Ball1374 View Post
I really think it'll be Ehrhoff. After 3 consecutive 40 point seasons, including his career high of 50 last year, I think Bucky will pick him out first of the group. $18 mill in the first year is enough reason for a few highly fine articles from Bucky by Dec/Jan if he's invisible/pulls a bad Monty in the first few months of the season.
Originally Posted by Sabres57 View Post
Mike Harrington was on Twitter the other day saying Ehrhoff needs to be a Norris-type defenseman for $40 million. The bat**** insanity has started already..
Harrington seems to have already made up his mind on Ehrhoff before the guy has even played a minute as a Sabre - his questions in the press conference towards Erhhoff were obviously slanted towards trying to entice Ehrhoff into admitting if he felt any pressure from his contract. It's a given IMO that any game that Ehrhoff ends up as a minus in, has a turnover or fails to register an offensive point in this season will become immediate fodder for Harrington to bolster his agenda with another "see, I told you - the Sabres overpaid for him.....he's feeling the pressure of his contract..." nonsense.

I expect Hecht and Sekera to also be alternated into the rotation of rant subjects by Harrington this season.

Originally Posted by TyMy57 View Post
Hecht has been my whipping boy for the longest time. I think he's more deserving than Boyes.
Originally Posted by jflory81 View Post
Hecht. It will be totally undeserved and fought, but he's going to be the guy the hate will focus on.

I already shudder.
Sadly, because of their expiring contracts, both players will get even more attention from the TBN experts in some misguided attempt of urgency to discourage Sabre management from extending / re-signing either player. Couple that expected annoying trend by TBN with the very strong liklihood in Hecht's case that the Sabres will not only keep him through the season but probably re-sign him next summer to a short term deal and I suspect we're all in for a long litany of editorial sermons from Gleason, Sullivan, Harrington and Hamilton about how the Sabres don't know what they're doing and are repeating the mistakes they made on Connolly, Afinogenov, Kotalik and other past TBN targets.

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