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Originally Posted by AdmiralsFan24 View Post
I know as a fan of all sports I get tired of seeing the same teams on national TV over and over to the point where I rarely watch. Yes, I know the Red Sox and Yankees are popular. No, I don't want to watch them. I know the Red Wings and Rangers are popular. I don't want to watch them either. I wouldn't even mind if they got 10 games each, I understand NBC has to do what they can to get ratings.

Seriously though, can't they do a Detroit @ Nashville game for VS? You still have the popular Red Wings to draw viewers but you get a home game. Do the same thing elsewhere. Boston @ Florida. They can find places for that in the schedule, they just go for the simple route. Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay and Washington, Detroit and Chicago.
I agree, Yankees & Red Sox, Lakers & Celtics, Cowboys & Dolphins; overexposed.

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