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08-21-2011, 02:32 PM
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Originally Posted by BadHammy View Post
I expect it to sell either way because even if it doesn't break into the more hardcore market. Some people will be replacing their original Wii and it will be the most powerful thing on the market for a while so...
Most powerful for what? If hardcore gamers already own a PS3 or 360, why are they buying a WiiU to play the same games? COD is going to be better on the WiiU? It will play and look the same as the 360 and PS3 counterparts.

Mayday or someone else came on here saying how great the 3DS was selling and how it was a great system. Look how that's worked out for him so far. Some Nintendo fans are so quick to say everything Nintendo does is gold and how they do no wrong. Its funny, because the internet is abuzz right now with articles on how Nintendo's stock is in the gutter and how many are expecting the WiiU to not only fail, but force Nintendo into software and to leave the console market.

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