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Trades can't and shouldn't be analyzed solely in terms of players dealt and players acquired. There are complementary elements to trades. A prime example is the Lindros trade to Quebec. If the franchise hadn't relocated, Patrick Roy very likely doesn't get sent to the Nordiques. Another is the Pete Peeters/Brad McCrimmon trade (short term good for Boston, long term good for the Flyers) as both teams traded from strengths for weaknesses.

What designates the McCrimmon trade to Calgary among the most damaging was that the players who were supposed replacements didn't elevate their games. Kjell Samuelsson responded but Kerry Huffman, J.J. Daigneault and Mike Stothers didn't. And for a team that was one game away from winning the Championship, the loss of McCrimmon was substantial enough but exacerbated by the failings of the primary replacements. McCrimmon did make his own bed but Clarke has admitted it was among his worst. Also, McCrimmon helped win the Cup in 1989.

The Propp/Poulin deals: Boston was established as a leading Cup contender. The Flyers had internal conflicts as to the direction of the club; Jay Snider wanted his own stamp. Clarke did the two a favor, two loyal soldiers who were given an opportunity to win a Cup. Clarke shouldn't be overly criticized for these trades but the returns were insignificant and Linseman, the second time around, was abysmal.

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