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Originally Posted by Adz View Post
But if they're going to show us at all, why not show us at home? That was my point. All the talk about how Nashville was such a surprise to everyone because of the energy and passion...and then they have the ability to show that and don't. We play 3 home games against the big market teams of Detroit and Chicago--why not opt for one of those instead of an away game in their barn? Everyone has seen United Center and Joe Louis Arena. Then hype it and people might tune in to see Detroit get razzed by those crazy people in Nashville, or see how loud it is when Toews gets leveled by Tootoo. Never underestimate the appeal of an underdog--if people know they're playing.
as stated two games is more than we had last year. they like to feature big markets and to do so you feature them at home, where they have bigger venues, more fans and more money. the only time when you will see a small market team promoted is when they have no other choice. look at the playoffs last year. we got to see every, yawn, game in the wings/yotes series. was it compelling, exciting, even but it had the wings so there you go...all you need, right. so all of their games were on tv and we got on the air after they had nothing left to show. probably the best 1st round series but most people outside ANH/NSH didn't know because other more profitable series were promoted.

like what you hear on espn and other talk shows...who wants and LA/NYC series...nobody but the fans from those teams and the suits. of course the suits make the decisions on who to show so guess how they vote. drill this into your head. companies are in in the business of making money....period. they care about nothing but that(and of course making dividends for the shareholders who kept the top in charge). yes occasionally you will find the exception but by-and-large it is about making as much money as they can. look at all of the lawsuits by corps that cut corners just to make more money. the infamous claim by FORD lawyers(and agreed on by top execs) that it would be cheaper to pay off lawsuits than to fix gas tank defects in the Pinto. they just don't care because they don't have too, it is all about what makes them the most money. anything else is a distant second.

i don't like it any more than you...

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