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08-22-2011, 12:25 AM
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After reading over the thread and looking at the signing, here's my thoughts:

I'm pretty mehh to the signing, however if I had to make a call, I'd rather it didn't happen yet. I'd like to give Clune or Cliche a chance on the 4th line first, as these guys have paid their dues. If you want Moreau to push them, then give him a training camp invite and if he's the better player, sign him. To me, this just says to Cliche, Clune, Kainusto, etc that their is one less spot available, and on our team, there wasn't many spots open to begin with. Basically we have 14 forwards, if you count Fraser, all with NHL experience, most of them 100's of games of experience, when camp opens. There's little chance anyone from Manchester cracks the opening line up, outside of a few injuries.

That said, I'm not really to worried about it. I'd just have rather we gave our kids a chance to move up and made a trade deadline move to add a veteran fourth liner at the trade deadline. Plenty of deals like that are done, and often cost little if anything.

I'm not worried about Moreau's baggage either. First, he has guys in the locker room vouching for him, including important guys like Greene and Stoll, and Greene wears a letter, so that's big to me. Second, Moreau comes in as a 4th liner, not as the captain. He's not a key cog in the locker room, just a new face with a lot of respect. It's doubtful he'd have enough pull to really rock the lockerroom anyways.

As for Parse, I find it funny so many posters slam DL and TM for not giving guys like Purcell and Moulson enough of a chance, yet rag on Parse, despite his skill level. Parse has 28 points in 64 games and was on pace for 66 points last year before the injury, albeit in just 5 games. Parse has the chance to be another Moulson or Purcell, so I don't see the issue with managment wanting to give him a full chance first. Of note, Pucell only had 25 points in 91 games as a king before he was traded, so I fail to see why giving Parse another chance is such as problem.

Also, if we have a problem at all in the forward group, it's offense, given some of our wingers struggles in recent years. Parse is the lone guy likely to be in the bottom two lines for wingers that could actually move up and contribute.

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