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10-23-2003, 10:45 AM
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I go to Sharks game and I doubt that they will trade their current marquee player for a bunch of kids. They already have prospects. You'd have to blow their socks off because their season ticket holder base is now riding on Marleau's shoulders and San Jose is well known for its sell-outs. I don't know for how much longer tho, the fans are disgruntled.

The Sharks are happy with their D and goaltending, but they've said they could use some speedy forwards. They haven't talked about replacing Nolan, but a power forward would be nice too.

It would probably take all of our best forward prospects to get him.

Perhaps they'd go for Hossa, Ward and something younger, but even if the parts fit, like I said, the trade probably still doesn't make sense for them because they would lose their marquee player.

Besides, Marleau is a floater and a perimeter player. He's very streaky as well and doesn't use his one-timer or speed very much. He has all the tools, but whether he busts out like Jeff O'Neill did remains to be seen.

If I were bundling a bunch of players to get one player on the Sharks, it would be Brad Stuart. But with Jilson starting so well for Boston, they are starting to feel a bit burnt by that deal, so I doubt they'd trade another young defenseman, especially a potential superstar like Stuart.

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