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08-22-2011, 07:31 AM
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Originally Posted by Corto View Post
Played about 500 games and never got into it.

It felt... Too restrictive and too nooby compared to DotA.

(restrictive as in game makes me "farm" for heroes, and nooby as in no denies and insane mana/health regen in lane, making going for kills and saving yourself for those times - which took timing etc. - rather pointless)
Interesting. I've played some other MOBAs, the denying is definitely a big difference (basically last hitting your own creeps to deny gold and experience). I don't know if it's restricting as you just replace that aspect with zoning, which is more dangerous because you intentionally over extend to keep the enemies away from your creeps. I've never noticed the regen. I don't doubt that it's faster in LoL but I don't see it as a gamebreaker I guess, more of a "make the game faster type thing".

That being said, I like LoL more because even the hardest of carries can't win a game by themself. You need more team work, in my opinion, than other MOBAs which makes it more interesting. In this sense, it's more about a weak link costing you the game than a strong player winning you the game.

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