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08-22-2011, 07:46 AM
Frankie Spankie
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I started playing ice hockey when I was 16-17. It took me about a month just to learn how to stop and maybe 9 months-a year to learn how to skate well enough to keep up with people in rec leagues. If your skating is really bad, I would suggest you practice by just rollerblading. I used to roller blade a lot as a kid and it really helped in my transition to skating. I'm still not that great at moving backwards and turning while moving backwards but I can do well enough to pass at defense with guys in their 30s-40s who have been playing hockey their whole lives. I know I'll never be that great but I'm fast enough to keep up with some of the fastest in a straight line and can maneuver pretty well moving forward. Just still have those problems going backwards but I blame that on my lack of experience on defense, I almost never play defense.

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