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08-22-2011, 08:24 AM
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Originally Posted by Enoch View Post
I didn't know that because you have some of the best goaltending and defensive prospects in the league, you are never able to go out, and say, trade for a top offensive minded prospect. It isn't lala land. It happens with some regularity with GMs around the NHL, NFL, MLB, and any other professional sport. Just because David Poile has been ever reluctant to make a prospect for prospect trade does not make the idea fantasy. Nor is it fantasy to believe that when trying to complete a trade for a player that you want, you go out and get the pieces you need to make that trade happen if your current prospects do not fit the bill. If you need a first round pick and you do not have one, you trade for one. Is that so hard to contemplate? This is obviously more difficult than a one for one or a trade built around current team assets, but it is again, hardly fantasy. You can try to pass this off as such, but honestly, it just means that your expectations of a general manager are far less encompassing than what many general managers regularly do around the league on a consistent basis. Lastly, I never claimed that our top offensive prospects were on par with Schenn. I completely agree with your comment that our prospects are not on par with him. For some reason, you are trying to foist some random point of view on to my statements that I do not want any part of. It is obvious that our forward prospects are not on par with others around the league. We have several good prospects, but there are zero elite talents in that stable. It does not mean that we have a weak system. It does not mean that we are unable to acquire top-notch offensive prospects. It does not preclude us from trading with teams whose major needs are offensive prospects. It just makes things less straight forward.
That "random point of view" would be pragmatism. You're acting like bluechip moves are common and that flipping our defensive prospects for forward prospects would have been easy. Your "creativity" here requires not only that to happen, but for Poile to have been able to pull it off in a short period of time to get Richards or Carter. Once again, for this set of deals we did not have the right assets to pull it off.

Philly wanted forwards with a certain set of characteristics. We didn't have them, still don't have them, nor does it appear there was any sort of time to pull off the type of asset flipping you're entire concept depends upon. I'm trying to remember the last time a three way deal didn't take weeks to complete.

There are still plenty of teams that could use the type of prospects we do have in the organization. Because there are other teams that could use them, doesn't mean that Philly wanted or needed them.

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