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08-22-2011, 10:19 AM
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Originally Posted by Chimp View Post
I'm just now amusing myself when reading this thread, by swapping the name "Drury" with "Druryomin", or "Semin" or "Yashin". Oh, what an absolute massacre of the persona it would've been in here during the same circumstances. And you sure wouldn't have heard even a squeak about that foreign players have families too.

But now, it's Captain America, playing on a team where $1m defensemen gets booed out of the arena if their first game is bad - and they have a weird name that is hard to pronounce. To be fair to Captain America, it's pretty hard to be booed when you're mostly invisible or not even on the ice. Captain America could suck for seasons in a row, earning tens of millions and things were still extremely quiet around him, fans wise. And then to top it off, he could end it all with a total ****** move against his former "childhood team," the team that made him the captain, while simultaneously shuffling him into a quieter and quieter role on the ice, since he just degenerated in his performances like a crack addict.

It's unbelievable how nice the Rangers were to this bum and this is how he repaid the kindness. He should've been forced up in the stands eating popcorn years ago. And then we're amused by a plethora of excuses from Drury defenders for his ****** move. Hypothetical financial trouble. He has a family. A (greedy) desire to play on (for two weeks) after his buyout, which is the most logical one, since insurance would've covered the other options. That, or he is the antichrist of the Rangers. It was just destiny.

edit: missed some letters.
Funny but not entirely accurate. There have been a bunch of Rangers posters here who have been haranguing his play for a while. I think I'm one of them. True that we've got a lot of resistance back but I think it should be kept in mind that there was a lot of media hype built up over the years--the little league world series, the BU thing, the Stanley Cup championship--and he was a good player then but that Colorado team had a lot of all stars--so by the time he got to Buffalo--he was Captain Clutch--and that's a feel good story for American hockey players and fanatics who have always had a kind of inferiority complex when it comes to their Canadian cousins in the sport. The way I put it on the main board to a Buffalo fan who thought Ranger fans were being extremely vicious was like this--the player you remember is not the player we got.

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