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08-22-2011, 11:30 AM
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Originally Posted by irisheyes555 View Post
look this isn't about fair, it isn't a about what is due, it isn't about what is is about how big a of a market share NBC/VS think they will get=tv ratings=ad time=$$$$$$$$. notice we get 2 more games than last year and both are on the road at big market areas(NYC & Chi and how did the isles do?). the 2 games on the road are in defference to our playoffs last year and that is it. anyone who thinks the media, government, executives are not ****** for money is just kidding yourself. they don't care about fair, or what is right or balanced or even, they care about what benifits them and the rest is just noise(just like 99.9% the worlds corp structure). this is a business and it is about money to them. look at the avs...they have sucked for quite some time but they still get games because 10+ years ago them and the wings had a bit of a rivalry and they are still trying to milk that dried tit.

yes i hate that it is this way, but come on people don't be so naive. it's like electing the same guy every year and expecting some different.

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