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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
1) Sterner is listed on the third line. On your first two lines, I see only Doug Brown as a credible puck winner and he's not exactly a power forward. Was Gradin gritty? Your first line definitely doesn't have a guy who can battle for the puck.

2) If you wanted people to buy your 4th line as a high energy, puck containing line, you really needed to do bios for Danis Zaripov and Sergei Zinoviev. And most of us are most familiar with what Morozov did in the NHL, where he was a relatively soft player.
1) The first line is missing some grit all though Brunette is pretty gritty.

Gradin was strong, he wasn't a regularly gritty player but he he did it when needed. I think there is a story on him somewhere on the internet most probably youtube when they are speaking of the greatest canucks. I recommended it for everyone.

Second line was a typo, I meant the third line.

2) I thought people who participated in the MLD followed hockey regularly. Zaripov and Zinoviev are not exactly unknowns allthough it might be hard to follow them in America.

All in all, I expected to lose as there weren't a bio for some of our key players and after seeing Iain lose even though providing bios and actively debating for his team it would seem that even if I provided bios I would've lost.

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