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Originally Posted by bernmeister View Post
1. Hockey sense can theoretically be learned, assuming you are right as to critics and they are right as to Kreider. Could I be wrong? Could this be another Grachev? While it is possible, I don't think so. Just because a guy like Stepan has great poise and superior hockey sense as a very strong suit, it doesn't mean others who are at a proper level of development don't have it at all.

2. I thought I read some where on the boards that Kreider's production is artificially low because of his college coach (the guy is playing seniors, so he has less minutes, etc.)

3 Kreider has one thing you cannot teach: speed. And in all sports, speed kills. Granted, he could be another Gene Carr, but I expect he will do more than get the puck in the ocean. I seem him as another Dave Keon, basically, then plus or minus that based on how well he shoots, passes, etc.; how many points do you see a Keon getting today in an 82 game schedule?

4 Kreider will likely play with better (as opposed to average) talent, so his totals will rise because of his linemates and theirs will because of him.

I concede its an educated guess, but I'll stand by it - barring of course, injury.
The bolded is 99.9% true. Only the Kreider haters will tell you otherwise. Stepan for example, got all the powerplay time in the world at Wisconsin and first line minutes, he put up 33 and 54 points respectively in his freshman and sophomore years. Kreider has yet to be given 1st line minutes. We all see what he is capable of when he is given ice-time (See WJC's). Next year, he will be a Junior, an upper-classmen and will be the go-to guy on BC playing top line and power play. It will be very interesting to see how he does. If he puts up points similar to his last 2 years, then we can worry, but right now, I'm not worried at all, because he gets no ice-time.

When he was a year younger than Kreider is now, Kesler put up only 31 points as a 19-20 year old and then turned pro. Look at how he turned out. Kreider is 20 going on 21 next April. If he can put up better numbers than that, hoping for at least 40 points, I will be thrilled. Points don't tell the whole story, although some people think they do. Points at a younger age don't tell the story. Not to compare him to Messier, but Messier put up 11 points in 47 games in the WHA before getting drafted, look how he turned out.

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