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08-22-2011, 01:52 PM
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Originally Posted by tuckrr View Post
So then what is your claim? you wanted vokoun at 3-4? Thats all you said in the spring in terms of predictions, so dont take too much credit.

id rather have
bryz 5.5 for 8
vokoun 4 for 4

(especially given our goalie history, and the reliance that the vokoun-plan puts on BOB)

honestly, what are you even arguing? That between those two options homer is "dumb" for not giving vokoun 4mil for 4 years?

i dont see how you can be so overconfident that you think thats a fair analysis before either goalie plays a game for their new team...
You don't think it's fair to analyze contracts that were given out and their long-term ramifications for teams right now? Really?

And, I love how your comparable is easily the apex of what Vokoun could have conceivably gotten (and, clearly, never was going to get given that TB opted to re-sign Roloson as opposed to kicking Vokoun's can). Vokoun needed to get himself signed BEFORE Bryz signed to maximize his contract, we killed any chance of that by trading for Bryz's rights and then Vokoun was stuck out in the cold.

The real point, however, is that it was easily predicted (and not just by me) that Vokoun was going to get a far more modest contract, both in term and money... and that was something of great value to the Flyers given everything else. Spongolium's ridiculous assertion that this is all hindsight complaints is laughable largely because he was here when all these conversations were going on, and is well aware (should be) that many folks predicted Vokoun to come in a far lower contract. The "zing" that he's attempting ("you didn't predict he'd be that cheap!" the petulant child cried out) is comical because the predictions were based on the following assumptions.

1) Supply and demand drives markets.
2) Vokoun was going to be in demand ahead of (Roloson, etc.)

The 2nd assumption is where the "failure" occurred, not in the former. Of course, I think TB may come to regret not going after Vokoun after they have to deal with the Caps in their division backstopped by him this year... but we'll see. However, if you'd told me (or any of the others) in the spring that TB and the Avs wouldn't be in on Bryz or Vokoun, it would have been clear that Vokoun was going to get the shaft.

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