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08-22-2011, 03:03 PM
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AVs History

From time to time I like digging around and looking up stories and stats from the past. Not sure if there is enough people interested in this kind of stuff to request a history/legacy type of thread to be stickied but it would be nice to have one where we can post questions, comments, videos and comments based on the past though.

Anyways, I know most folks absolutely hate the +/- statistic but this really caught my eye today.

Joe Sakic
Joe's NHL regular season numbers 1378 Games, 625G, 1016A, 1641PTS, +30

Peter Forsberg
Peter's NHL regular season numbers 708 Games, 249G, 636A, 885PTS, +238

That seemed like a huge +/- differential between two guys that alternated between being #1A/#1B centers throughout their AVs history. What's caused that big of a difference? Is it as simple as Sakic played a helluva lot more games when the AVs weren't primed for domination or was Peter really a better defensive center than we sometimes give him credit for? What would be a good way to evaluate these two guys fairly as to who was the better player for the AVs...simply an aggregate score from say '96-the lockout?

Please don't make this into the something it isn't and give me the hogwash about +/- being a team stat...these guys where both on the ice during the AVs hey day pretty much equally in all situations with all defenders and the same goalies. Their talents and abilities do factor in here to some degree...I'm just trying to figure out how.

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