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08-22-2011, 05:28 PM
Rich Nash
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Originally Posted by wolfgaze View Post
But the problem is that he's often injured, and will soak up a lot of cap space... Gaborik is similar to Semin in a lot of ways, there would just be no room for 2 players of the same mold on this roster... Well you could make room but it wouldn't be wise. You saw what the Bruins did to the Canucks to mitigate their high end talent.... Do you think players like Semin & Gaborik would fare well against a physical team that tries to punish them every chance they get?
See but we're constructed differently than that. I know where you're coming from, so i'll say again that Semin isn't my first choice.


a top 6 with


is an awesome blend of grit, work ethic and raw skill. I'm pretty sure Semin can play the LW, right?

I just think Semin gets unnecessarily attacked for Washington's failures. Yes, he's not the perfect player. Yes, it's maddening to see someone with that talent not play up to it consistently. And yes, you can call his heart into question. HOWEVER, to put all of Washington's failures on Semin like some try and do (Washington fans as well) is ridiculous when it's clear they have other problems, especially when Semin scored at a PPG pace during the playoff's before the Montreal upset. I'd gladly take Semin if all other options fail, I feel like he could contribute a lot to this team as constructed.

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