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Originally Posted by noobman View Post
What I've done in the past is tied up the stick and spun around so that I was facing the same direction as him (effectively shielding the puck with my body) before either kicking the puck to whomever I wanted to give it to or trying to free up my stick and dish the puck to someone that way.
Which is exactly how you get the faceoff "scrums" you were talking about. You go to tie up his stick, he does the same thing tying up your stick, and now you're both leaning into each other trying to kick the puck to teammate.

So basically, all those tie-ups you see are the result of everybody else doing what you just described doing yourself.

Originally Posted by noobman View Post
I'm really just more interested in the full-blown bodycheck off the draw. Surely there's someone other than Lindros who could pull it off, and surely if the hit is delivered cleanly it shouldn't be a penalty call.
In a non-checking league, it most certainly is a penalty.

In a checking league, if the puck is gone, it is often an interference or roughing penalty.

And as others already pointed out, even at the NHL level, Lindros' size made him a men amongst boys. For those who AREN'T 6'-4", 245 lbs. (and even for those who are), it's very hard to completely flatten someone of comparable size (much less someone bigger than you) when you're standing completely still less than 3 feet away from them and have no momentum going into the hit. More often than not, you'll either just bounce off of them or lightly shove them. In order for the hit to mean anything, you almost have to bring your hands and shoulders up high to hit them. Meanwhile, when you were busy focusing on throwing the hit, their centerman was busy winning the draw and his team now has control of the puck.

Originally Posted by noobman View Post
It was hard to do, but I found a clip here: (not embedded so it flips straight to the clip). Lindros throws the hit off the draw and the referee seems to hesitate a little bit before putting his hand up in the air. Looking at that hit, I suppose it's a *bit* of a cross-check... but something like that was fine and dandy in the 90s. Beyond that it's a good hit imo. He makes contact and absolutely bowls the guy over. No facewash, no headshot, nothing.
So even in your NHL clip from the 90's.....Lindros still got hit with a penalty.

That's why nobody does it. At best, it's a dirty cheap trick that will encourage the other teams' enforcers to give you an extra whack or two. On the other side of the spectrum, you have everything from getting caught out of position and walked around like a traffic cone to losing the puck and drawing a penalty......and even that's only if you have the size, leverage, and luck to do it properly.

There really is just very little upside with a ton of downside.

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