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10-04-2005, 09:37 AM
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I dont get Vandy whining about the blocked kick. I should, because they whine about everything else.

If you dont block Weaver, which you didnt, then it doesnt matter if you attempt the kick from the 5 yd line with 45 seconds left. Its not like he missed the kick wide, it was blocked. Poor line play/great individual effort by MT safety was the cause of the block, not poor clock management.

Im overjoyed that this loss, to MT, ruined your once in every 50 years chance to go to a bowl. Dont worry, there's always the 2055 football season.

And you can crow about Vandy's supposedly superior academics all you want, because, really, thats all you have - some article from U.S. News that somehow has the ability to rank thousands of different institutions from hundreds of different areas with thousands of different missions. Im quite happy with my MT degree. As painful as it must be to you, you and your Vandy degree will pay the same amount for a cup of coffee as I will. Only, i'm not $120,000 in debt from mine.

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