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08-22-2011, 06:53 PM
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Hey there. Before you make this decision analyse your situation further. How well does he play in the mite level? Does he score often/get a decent amount of assists? How physically mature is he? ONLY move him up to squirt if he dominates or is already a very good player on his mite team. If he has the skills to play in the squirt level and he has the physical maturity you should move him up because that will only help him develop advanced hockey senses for his age. However moving him up to squirt without him being good enough will not develop his skills as fast as being an average/good player in mite. You have NOTHING to learn from dominating in fact it can make you worse as you might develop a slower hockey sense. Also he's a kid! He'll make friends on whatever team he plays on.
In summary:
Step 1: Determine his physical maturity compared to the squirts.
Step 2: Determine his skills in comparison to the other mites/squirts not just him individually.
After those steps decide on which level is more suited for him.

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