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08-22-2011, 07:49 PM
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Originally Posted by neofury View Post
Might be a result of his injury. Maybe they want to ease him in. Could be they know he won't be back until close to mid season. After a lengthy injury like that it might be good for him to ease back into the game playing Q players instead of being crushed by AHLers.
This is also what I'm thinking (above cooments).
And in the end it should all be about what is best for Leblanc...there's is absolutely no need to rush him, no need whatsoever.

And, if he's 100% healthy (let's say) to play 70 games this season, maybe it will be divided like this:
Shawinigan: 50-55 games
AHL Bulldogs: 15-20 games or less, and then the entire Bulldogs' playoffs depending on how he does (3rd line? 2nd line? 1st line?). Or, they will give him 10-15 AHL games and then send him back to Shawinigan for the Memorial Cup...? (for the experience). We'll have to wait and see what management does...

PROS: could bond well with Bournival and get to be great buddies (great for their future as 2nd or 3rd liners with our Habs) and form a great line...Bournival is a winger that can play center sometimes? (I forget). IMO, Bournival has the potential to be a 2nd or 3rd liner with our Habs, same goes for Leblanc.
Ease Leblanc back after his shoulder injury...not rushing his shoulder is a huge PRO.

CONS: well...there's no rush to his development (imo) since we have Pleks, Gomez (maybe for another year or two...he will become relatively cheap soon, so...value goes up, imo), Eller, Desharnais...all at center. So (imo) there are no cons except maybe if he gets all banged up (AHL) and re-injures his shoulder...let's take our time with Leblanc. He could be a good one if you give him the time to properly develop.

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