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Originally Posted by macavoy View Post
Lets take a look at history. Pavel Datsyuk, Henrik Zetterburg, Tomas Plekanec didnt play regularly in the NHL till they were 23, it didn't ruin their development.

Now lets also think about the talented players who took the shortcut to the NHL, Guillaime Latendresse, Sergei Kostitsyn, Max Pacioretty. They all had problems, maturity and being rushed to the NHL.

MaxPac is the perfect example, he couldn't produce against tougher competition, it wasonly after he was sent down to play against weaker talent and with an amazing player (DD) centering him that he
was able to develop. He himself said playing in the
AHL (a weaker league) was better for him.

David Dashernais played in the CHL as an overager, it didn't ruin him. In fact I think it probably helped develop his hockey IQ. Playing against comparable / slightly less talent gives you the opportunity to grow mentally, you can learn to read plays before they unfold. Whereas playing in the AHL would develop his instincts compared to his hockey IQ. It would involve him learning to react to the faster competition.

That's just how I see it from a mental / development standpoint. You can also compare how DD took the slow route and was able to out produce Lars Eller in half as many games. I think another year in the AHL wouldn't have hurt Eller last year. But 2 years ago I was calling for Patches to be in the AHL andit turned out that playing against weaker competition helped his game.

I was a goalie and have studied psychology so that is the part that I understand better, I could be wrong, I just dontthink it would hurt a players development.

ps he won't be playing against16-17 year olds, opposing coaches will put up their best 18-20 year olds against him.

David Dashernais
????? - your arguments are really weak.
-Zetts and Dats maybe only made it to the NHL at 23 but by 18-19 they were already playing in pro leagues.
-Patches played in Hamilton as a 20 year old - what's your point? He was playing against men - not 16 year olds.
-I don't understand the correlation to what you studied.
-Laughable that you can predict which players will be matched against Leblanc.

I don't remember the last impact player that played as a 20 year old in CHL. If Leblanc plays as an overager in the Q, then we can start thinking of Leblanc as a bust.

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