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Originally Posted by sobrien View Post
Apparently there is another company making another mask for Bryz, according to Dustin Leed, and here's a sneak peek. Makes a little more sense than Tigers:

Le me preface this by saying that I have not been following this thread and only have really seen the latest posts.

More sense for Philly but not so much for Bryz... other than his being a history buff -- and I believe 'American History' too boot -- Looking at the other goalies having Philly fighters and other Philly images, I can see a pattern... But I really find it quite odd for a player born and raised in another country, one that he at this point plans to go back to upon retirement according to him in an article... Bob had both Russian and American planes as well as Russian and American historic buildings on his... IDK... does a goalie pander to an area or honor his Motherland OR both?

As for the two choices we have seen... I see the We the People on as being too plain and too sedate and being old hat even if never done -- if that makes sense -- while I love the Orange and Black Tiger... being exciting and edgy and maybe having an eye of the tiger feeling. Kinda sorta an Eddy the Eagle feel bout it in more advance style.

EDIT: I would really like to see the rest of this latest mask though... get a good look at the images on the side that appear to be buildings from Philly history.

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