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08-22-2011, 11:11 PM
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ok i'll bite

What is everyones predicition on BBs coaching this year, will we run and gun again or play a more defensive first styled approach again?
i think we will see both as the season moves on - i dont know which way they will start, i tend to think defensively since that is how they ended last year.

I feel like this will depend on 8, 19, and 28s point production.
agreed %100 as well as whomever is the #2 center, which i think will be a carousel with MoJo, Laich, Halpern, Perrettu, and Backstrom at times

What in Particular would you like to see as the season progresses? Offensive juggernaut or a well rounded post season style?
obviously what this team needs is to be a sound 2 way team, gritty and tough to play against, and the offensive cream needs to rise to the top.

post season form is something that teams have to evolve into over the course of the season. for me the most salient changes needed are:
  • more disciplined play
  • a better overall team plan besides "make a 1 on 1 play using your talent and score" - the offensive "plan" last season was very lacking
  • a more consistent effort level from the top 6... be a pain in the butt to play against and be responsible in all 3 zones
  • the big guns not being ridden so much over the grind of the regular season
  • ACCOUNTABILITY - and that means rewarding guys doing the "right" things with more icetime and "punishing" guys who are not

my final and unsolicited opinion: accountability wont happen. we'll have another 4th liner benched and called out in the media (ala Bradley last season) while the stars are just as guilty.


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