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Originally Posted by Corto View Post
I actually like the hard carry a la DotA type.
It provides you with an extra strat - buying time and space for your Spectre/PL/Medusa/etc to farm.

In LoL, it was infuriating having a Blitzcrank whack a creep wave and take away my Ashe's farm... Only to find his extra-farm means very little in the end.

There's a greater need for money for every hero in LoL, and the roles are much less important compared to DotA (carry, ganker, babysitter, initiator, tank,etc.).
I can understand that. With very extreme roles, you really need to play to them to be effective. In LoL, that Blitz should know not to steal your farm, especially as Ashe; that being said, I've been in games where a Blitz has carried (with enough Mana that passive shield of his makes him ridiculously hard to kill).

While I agree it seems everyone needs money in LoL (save some support characters), who gets the money and when and how is the key. For example, I play Amumu, a tanky/intiator. I know it's my job to go with a carry into a lane and prevent the enemy from farming while my carry farms all he/she wants. In the mean time, I grab items that let me passively gain more gold to compensate. I also know that I can rack up assists really easily (and sometimes kills by semi-accident) because Amumu can constantly deal small AoE damage. By mid game, I'll have terrible farm but enough gold to keep up. Then when we all roam around, I can take a lane and farm it easily or hop in the jungle and kill some monsters that way.

Originally Posted by syz View Post
Just had a Mordekaiser go 2/28/0. The Garen he was feeding went on a rampage. Also constantly dinged the map the entire time.
I've never seen such that terrible of stats because usually I'll surrender if it's getting that bad and you know it's over.

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