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Originally Posted by Beendair Donedat View Post
Cole was playing for a contract and got a massive overpayment.

No guarantees that Yemelin makes the team, or that his style translates well into the NHL level.

I suggested several players, maybe try reading it again.
Reason nobody mentions the players you named is because all of them are bad options at best. Even Konopka is heavily overrated by the toughness crowd. The guy would be lucky to play 10 minutes without being a liability let alone 5.

Most of them would be #14 behind Palushaj. When one of your AHL prospects is better than most of the guys you name then it becomes pretty apparent why we didn't got that way. I'd rather Aaron Palushaj who actually has talent get some ice time than Konopka being a liability for 5 minutes beating up a Bruins player which won't stop the eventual cheap shot on Pacioretty, Cammy, Subban, etc anyways. The Bruins are a cheap shot artist team. Getting Konopka won't change that it will just give us one instigator penalty, give him a 5 minute major and play will commence. Probably Horton goes and scores a goal on that powerplay. It doesn't do anything for us and he wouldn't play more than 15 games a season because JM would bench his scrub ass. Talent wise he doesn't even come close to touching a team like ours. Why do you think Philly, Boston, all these typical "Konopka" type teams don't take him. Because they rely on skill not just wasted roster spots who fight once a game. Those teams have management that aren't stupid and realize a fighter with no hockey talent doesn't win you games. Skilled players do and if they're tough/physical it's a bonus. You don't sacrifice talent for fighting ability plain and simple. This is why Konopka can only play for a bottom feeder. Big shock a team trying to end up last took him.

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