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Originally Posted by Blind Gardien View Post
I wouldn't have made toughness a priority per se. But at the same time, I think we've had a lengthy stretch of off-season with an opening up front and on D, and I've thought players like Winchester and O'Brien (before he signed) would have been decent candidates to slot into those openings. I have no idea if management looked at them or thought of them or not; maybe they did but the players just didn't want to sign with us. Who knows.

If the team picked out other solid choices for those depth openings instead of the tougher options, I'd be pretty content. The toughness isn't the most important thing. Just having quality depth is. Toughness is kind of a minor bonus on top. So far we've got Woywitka in the D slot, and nobody up front (default assumption until proven otherwise, therefore, is that we're letting young players battle in camp for that spot).

I'm thinking I'd rather have had Winchester and O'Brien than, say, Blunden or Engqvist and Woywitka. Relatively minor concern, but hey, that's what we're down to. The rest of the summer must have gone pretty well if that's what's left.
I'd probably have taken a look at O'Brien too, doesn't mean we'll be dead in the water because we didn't go after him. I'm fairly confident that if they didn't sign him it either had to do with him not wanting to play here or more to do with future UFA's they'd prefer to target. Not every player is going to want to be our stop gap and people need to realize PG might not want to sign Konopka or O'Brien for 3 years when 1 year down the line another better fit UFA will become available. I'd have definitely looked at O'Brien but people make it seem like not getting him or Konopka is the end of the world. We don't need either player, both would be a luxury and frankly could easily be replaced this coming UFA period.

Plus there is always deadline. I don't think Konopka is too important to his team though like plenty of others seem to think. O'Brien is another story but let's give Emelin a chance first before we sign his replacement

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