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08-23-2011, 11:00 AM
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Originally Posted by EvenSteven View Post
One has to wonder how long until Hicks finds a gig covering hockey for another newspaper. Methinks he won't want to do the work he is currently doing at the Record for very long.

It kind of makes you wonder the size of stones the powers that be at the Record have. Especially when you consider a guy like Bill Montague can cover junior hockey the way he does in the Soo without that newspaper having to dump him at the behest of the Hounds.

Montague makes Hicks look like an angel!

Perhaps there are new guidelines that Josh Brown has to operate under. Would the Rangers dictate that he is restricted to echoing the lastest news on the Ranger website and not much more.

Disclaimer: I don't really have any inside info on this.

But my hunch, knowing a bit about the inner workings at the Record is that after years of complaints and hate mail from a number of Ranger fans, the editors there finally discussed it with Hicks and said "fine, we'll give 'em what they want" and re-assigned Hicks. All of this knowing full well that Ranger coverage would be reduced to a PR exercise of just regurgitating press releases and doing base coverage with no real insight. And I'm sure the last article on Spott's extension probably drew some ire from the team as well.

All along, I echoed exactly what Hitman said. Yes, his style was annoying and he could be very negative and biased. But he had sources and he dug for stories. And fans need to be careful what they wish for. It's not all sunshine and roses. Yes, I'd like him to be more balanced and less cutesy, but I'd much rather have him digging on the job than the superficial stuff we're likely limited to now.

(Side editorial: The Record has really gone down hill. They have a number of "reporters" whose objective is to spur letters to the editor by riling up the public without facts or investigation. Whether it's baseless attacks on the public sector (easy targets), shots at the Ranger organization, or teachers or whoever... it's getting shameful.)

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