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Originally Posted by Tim Wallach View Post
(Side editorial: The Record has really gone down hill. They have a number of "reporters" whose objective is to spur letters to the editor by riling up the public without facts or investigation. Whether it's baseless attacks on the public sector (easy targets), shots at the Ranger organization, or teachers or whoever... it's getting shameful.)
Most of the local papers have declined in quality as well - the main issue that I have read is that classified ads accounted for 40% of the revenue at one time. Free Internet ads have virtually wiped this out, as well as reducing the income from the other comercial print ads. To put this into perspective, Google now makes more money in advertising in the US than ALL print, TV and Radio. This is astounding when you think of how many newspapers, radio stations, magazines and TV stations there are - and Google does it mostly for a fraction of a cent at a time.

Your point is excellent regarding watch what you wish for. In Sarnia, for years we had Dave Borody. My biggest criticism was that he never called the ownership to task for their poor record. He had no issue calling our players but declined to broach the subject of the organization's performance despite being in the bottom 10% of the league over their tenure. It was if the Sting were paying him.

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