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Originally Posted by EvenSteven View Post
One has to wonder how long until Hicks finds a gig covering hockey for another newspaper. Methinks he won't want to do the work he is currently doing at the Record for very long.

It kind of makes you wonder the size of stones the powers that be at the Record have. Especially when you consider a guy like Bill Montague can cover junior hockey the way he does in the Soo without that newspaper having to dump him at the behest of the Hounds.

Montague makes Hicks look like an angel!

Perhaps there are new guidelines that Josh Brown has to operate under. Would the Rangers dictate that he is restricted to echoing the lastest news on the Ranger website and not much more.
One key distingulishing factor between Hicks and Montague is that Montague is the sports editor, which is why he is given so much press and exposure. If he was just a writer, then there would be alot less focus put on him.

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