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08-23-2011, 12:29 PM
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Hey folks,

Saw this on the main page on Hfboards and came in to check out the thread. Great topic and interesting points of view.

Anyways, first of all yes I am a Bruins fan and of course I am thrilled that my team won. But with that said I thought I'd add some thoughts around the 24 vs recent cup discussion.

24 cups is something to be proud for Habs fans. No doubt and it is truly incredible (I'm gagging as I write this lol). The top in terms of championships in the NHL and right up there as far as a professional sports team. You won them and kudos to the organization and the fans. There was a time when the Habs didn't go more than 7 years without winning a cup and how sweet would that be if any team could say that or even start that run now. That means up until about 20 years ago every generation of Habs fans saw a Stanley Cup win or 2, or 3 etc in their life time. It is the basis for how nuts you guys are about your team. Be proud of it because no one can take it away....oh man major gag reflex..

It's a proud way to brag about your team in historical terms but not something to throw down arguments today because the success of the team in the past 18-20 years has been no better than most other NHL teams and until this year Boston had a 39 years of that same stance minus many cups in comparison to Montreal.

I'm 37 so when Boston last one I was not born yet so those 5 previous Stanley Cups as nice as they were to say my team had won a Stanley Cup it is so much sweeter to have witnessed one and hopefully a few more before my days are over. Do those 5 cups have meaning to me as a fan, it sure does because its part of the teams history. It may not be 24 Stanley Cups but in the end it is all just history and when I say that I don't mean to discredit them, I think I've made it clear that I don't.
Even Boston's win this year it will eventually just be history until they win another one which may or may not happen again while I am alive. If they don't I do now have the ability to look back to 2011 and think about the run and the games etc.. and cherish it. I won't be thinking about 1970 or 1972 because I didn't experience them but it is the Orr, Esposito generation of fans and I am happy to know the team won and people who were fans back then like me cherished and enjoyed every much as it makes me sound like a goof it bridges generation of fans.My brother is a habs fan and was 6 when the habs wont in 71 which is the first cup he remembers from there they won 6 more with the last one being in 93 ..he wouldn't trade those in for nothing....but he like you guys is so hungry for a new title and wants it now. It's not like he doesn't care about the 24 cups or has memories about those cups but what's done is in the now.

It's a shame but every fan from every team should get that experience. You as habs fans (well some of you) have enjoyed and can remember a cup victory and there is nothing like it. We put a lot of time, blood, tears (more than others) and money and its a nice payback when your team finally gets there.

So...yes this was long....but all in all....24 cups is proud and talk about it as a history of your team and what they have accomplished. Fans of other teams are jealous of that success but its not something to throw in peoples faces. Saying "well we have 24 cups" make you sound satisfied and content with that and you guys know as well as I do that your fanbase is craving for more. I wouldn't expect anything less.

It's all about winning and nothing is sweeter than the present. I'm sure Montreal will get there again one day and I won't be happy just like you weren't when Boston won this year but until than the past is the past and soon enough if Boston doesn't win again this year the past will be the past. The Stanley Cup drought will be 1 instead of 39 but I'll be happier least for a year or two :-)

usual suspects

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