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08-23-2011, 02:12 PM
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as a bruins fan i obviously have a bias but i feel like my rule for bragging rights works well.

while your team is current champion you have bragging rights over everyone else.that should go without saying.

start comparing two teams not currently champs and it gets a little more complicated.

with each year further removed from most recent win the more history gains in bragging rights. but history has limited weight and really should only get used as a tie breaker. i think what your team has accomplished both in terms of championships head to head success and consistency over the course of say the last 10 years or so should count far more than anything else.

if you have to go back 25 years to hold more cups than someone with a recent cup your reaching a bit too much. the age of the arguing parties also matters. if its two 50 year olds then you can go further back.

if like the op said he wasnt even alive for montreals last cup he holds zero bragging rights. you were born on third base and are trying to claim a triple. the ones you experience first hand are far more meaningful. as i said before recent success and head to head playoffs as more valuable than anything that happened before you were born (old enough to understand what you were watching)

as a bruins fan if we get knocked out this coming season for example i wouldnt brag to a detroit fan because while mine is more recent they have multiple in the recent past.

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