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Mowers boasts 19 playoff wins in his three playoff performances. Lindbergh put up 12 in one playoff performance. Mowers sample size is small, the playoffs he played in were short, and the number of opposing teams was lacking. It is a fallacy to say that 3 runs must be better than 1, when the three runs were significantly easier to achieve.
You're getting awfully close to saying that everything was easier before expansion.

Each individual run was easier to achieve than Lindbergh's 1, but you really think 3 such runs in a row was easier?

You talked about context before, what about the fact that 16 of 21 teams made the playoffs in 1985 and Lindbergh got to add 3 free wins versus 0 losses against a pathetic Rangers team in the first round?

65 wins in 152 starts is better than 87 wins in 157?
We're counting regular season wins now between players who played in completely different eras? It wasn't exactly a difficult to rack up wins for the 80s Flyerrs - the season after Lindbergh died, Bob Froese tied for the league lead in wins playing for the Flyers.

My point about his domination of the AHL primarily relates to his reliency and compete-level. He came over to the NHL as one of the first European goalies. Despite being more talented than Philly's other goalies, he was relegated to the minors - in a foreign country were he barely spoke the language. Infact, no European goalie prior to Lindbergh had held down an NHL starting job for any notable length of time. While many people would (and did) fold and head home, he proceeded to destroy the minor leagues and force his way into NHL stardom.
Okay. It's a great story and makes him more historically significant. I'm not sure if it really affects the comparison with Mowers at all, but it is interesting.

He started and played the entire game in those 5 (300 minutes). That would be the team's number 1 by most definitions.
Where did you find information on the 1980 Olympics? What games did Lindbergh start? The 1980 Olympics featured a round-robin pool of 5 games, then 3 games in the medal round. If Lindbergh played all 3 games in the medal round, I'd consider him Sweden's #1.

If so, his 1980 Olympics would definitely add something to his resume - not as much as any of Mowers' playoff runs, but it would bridge the gap somewhat.

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