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Originally Posted by jkrx View Post
I hold Lindbergh ahead of Mowers and that isn't a dig at Mowers at all.
I'm sure you're not the only one.

I mean, you're wrong. But you're not crazy wrong.

Pelle Lindbergh was the best goalie in during TV-pucken, while this is a U-16 tournament it is very big and tough tournament. I could go into detail but I won't as it's pre junior and is a minor accomplishment.
Rick Dipietro was a great junior goalie too. Some GMs might care about what these guys did as juniors, but I don't think most of us do.

Again, I don't feel like researching Mowers' junior career because I don't think junior careers matter, but Pelletier did say that Mowers was very impressive in the minors before coming to the NHL.

He made the Tre Kronors roster without playing a game in the SEL. This was and is still very rare.
What year was this? Can you give a time frame please?

Also, this sounds impressive, but did he actually have to beat anyone out for the job? Who else did Sweden have in goal at the time? Holmqvist was out of the picture by then.

Lindbergh is also the only goaltender not to lose against Team USA in 1980. Pelle made such a memorable performance that when asking people who was on the 1980 roster most would tell you Pelle Lindbergh. Only a few would say any other name. Lindbergh was rested during the games vs Norway.
Do you have a list of all the games he was rested for? He missed 3 games according to my records. Again, the 1980 Olympics is a nice feather in his cap, but still worth less than a playoff run in the pre-expansion era, I would have to think.

There is no doubt in my mind that if it wasn't for his death we would be discussing him in the ATD.
I could easily say that if it wasn't for World War 2, there is no doubt in my mind that we'd be discussing Johnny Mowers in the ATD. He was considered one of the "big 3" with Frank Brimsek and Turk Broda before all 3 went off to fight in the war. Unlike the other two, Mowers never recovered his form.

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