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10-23-2003, 12:03 PM
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Originally Posted by habfan4
Why lie? To sell papers, boost ratings, or put themselves in the spot light (think Le Petit Tigre on that point). Bottom line, take the media with a grain of salt (Especially the group that covers the Habs). As for Koivu, he's probably of tired of answering questions about his knee, every 45 minutes.

The only people who know if is Koivu is ready (admittedly there are varying degrees of ready) are the doctors and Saku himself. This entire ordeal is yet another tempest in a teapot, courtesy of hockey "journalists" who follow the Habs.
Well, since I'm in Ontario, and I don't even speak French, my media source is the English media out of Toronto. I don't know what Le Petit Tigre is. Anyways, I know the media can be biased (Toronto can be for sure) but I see no advantage to them in lying about Koivu's status.

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