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08-23-2011, 02:20 PM
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Originally Posted by macavoy View Post
Can you explain why you think playing in the ECHL will be more valuable for a 20 year old than the Memorial Cup?
Memorial Cup is at best 4 games, and the ECHL is a more competitive league all year long.
I like how everyone who claims he will be a bust if he plays in the Q has no logic / rational for their post.
You misunderstood, it's the other way around. He won't be a bust because he played in the Q as a 20-years old. What we're saying is that his development will become suspect if, as a drafted player and especially as a first round pick, he can't crack a pro league at 20. The vast majority of drafted players who make it to the NHL played in a pro league at 20.

If he's in camp this september, healthy, and shows he can't compete for a pro spot, and sucks so much he needs to go back to junior, it will means his development curve is clearly behind where it should be. Fortunately, it would be very surprising if this happens, as Leblanc hasn't shown any problem in playing against men in Harvard, and should make the transition nicely.

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