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Originally Posted by CGG View Post
What a load of crap. Ever since Maxpac gave Chara a friendly little shove, Chara was going to do something stupid. If Moen or White ran Chara a few more times in between the two events do you really think that would have changed Chara's decision making process leading up to the stanchion?

Fighters are absolutely no deterrent to cheap shots. None whatsoever. If they were, then why do so many Bruins end up with concussions?
Originally Posted by neofury View Post
I was going to bring this up but knew someone else would. Agree 100% it's very much speculation based on very little if anything. Pretty sure a 1st year psych student could even tell you this wouldn't change a thing.
Chara isn't a robot programmed to go after the last guy who pissed him off. He went after Max because Max was a cocky rookie and gave him a baby shove after pwning the game.
I knew mentionning maxpac was going to trigger a response. I want to point out that saying that ''it wouldn't have changed anything'' if others would have given chara other hits to remember is just as much speculation ... based on your opinions, which I respect.

and neofury, I went way passed my 1rst year in psychology, and I would never dare use that as an argument to justify anything...

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