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08-23-2011, 03:56 PM
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Originally Posted by StaporNY View Post
Are you another Harold Camper follower? If so, please donate your money to me please and not that horrible false prophet.

We just felt the after effects. Not the earthquake. People need to relax.
My bed and chairs did shake as well, but we had the same exact thing happen a few years back. If a 5.9 magnitute earthquake would hit New York, all hell would break loose.
I am no believer in one person or one theory. There are very many dynasties in the past 1000's of years ago that all predicted certain events. I happen to believe in one of them.

As for the candle comment to some other person... I have two small puppy maltese that are still trying to be house trained. So I lit a candle my wife has that is scented so my house didnt smell like pee-pee.

Boy this crowd is VERY critical if you dare think outside the box.

Your all right. The world will never end and there is no God and we all are the only species in the entire galaxy.

Laugh if you want. Thats fine with me. I am not hear to make friends or try and sway your opinions either way. Your entitled to yours and I will never argue with you over your own opinions because it is not an easy task in changing ones mind on such monumental issues as God, E.T.'s, World Endings, Nostradamus ect ect. But on the same token, I am entitled to my own opinions on topics.

God bless all and I am done with the conversation now.

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