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Originally Posted by overpass View Post
plusminus, I'll try to address your concerns about the use of GF/GA ratios.

First, my adjusted plus-minus metric does not use the player's on-ice GF/GA ratio (R-ON) in the calculations. Only the difference is used, as in regular plus-minus.
Thanks for clarifying.

The R-OFF ratio is used to calculate the team adjustment component, in conjunction with the sum of GA and GF. So the adjustment scales with the number of GF and GA, just as with regular plus-minus
I think I may understand. I think I perhaps need to try it out myself to be sure.

I really don't think your concerns about the use of ratios apply to this metric. The ratios are useful for a quick overview of the on/off ice relationship of the player and team, but are incomplete without a measure of quantity. Adjusted plus-minus includes a measure of quantity.

Sorry if I may have gotten things wrong. I think I need to re-produce myself what you are doing, to be sure I've understood things right.

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