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Originally Posted by TheJudge View Post
I'd say overall we've probably both said enough on the coaches
Absolutely. And yet we can't stop.

However, there's a couple things I'd like to address:

To be fair, you used "Boston finished 2nd so I'm not worried about scoring" as an argument. I didn't see you post his other finishes either.
I guess that was cherrypicking a finish, though it was more out of laziness than anything. It was basically to point out that neither offense nor defense alone matters as much as goal differential, something Julien's teams have always been good at. Using hockey-reference's stats, Julien's Boston team was +6 even in the year they finished 29th in scoring. (And that was by far his worst season in Boston).

I felt (feel) you should be somewhat concerned about his teams ability to score. Accordingly I used some of Julien's other finishes as a mark against his teams offense, in the same way you used an isolated finish as a mark for him.
Julien's teams scored fine on those few occasions when they actually had offensive talent.

I feel that you should be the one worried about your team scoring, given then fact that Eden Hall's first line is far more explosive offensively than anything Thunder Bay has. (This is the single biggest difference between the teams and one I'll go into in more detail later).

According to, Julien's Bruins finished 30th in the NHL in 09/10:

27th Edmonton 2.51 GPG
28th Florida 2.46 GPG
29th Calgary 2.45 GPG
30th Boston 2.39 GPG
According to hockey-reference, they finished 29th (206 goals vs Calgary's 204). Weird. Anyway...

I did not bring up Julien's defensive finishes because I already agreed he is a strong defensive coach.
Okay. Anyway, I don't think it will be a problem. Julien, as head coach, will be in charge of the bench during games. Muckler (a much more offensive coach) and Julien will likely have equal say in terms of devising strategies. I think this partnership will work really well - it's exactly the role Muckler had under Sather in Edmonton. And Julien has always been a laid back guy who doesn't really spend much time in the spotlight, so I don't think he'd mind sharing responsibility.

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